Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hello everyone! We have been home from Craig now for 6 weeks. It is so nice to be home around friends and family. We have been overwhelmed with visitors, calls and emails. We are truly blessed. We said we would update the blog as exciting things happen and I don't want to become "that guy" who posts every little thing and turn people off. Well nothing exciting has happened but we are constantly being asked about updating it. So we decided just to update everyone. And since Tiff has a lot on her plate now, I will be updating the blog. Oh but she has time to play candy crush all night...I'm not bitter, so here you go...

Well, just 2 weeks after I got released from Craig, Johnny and Tammy Leach put on a ride day benefit for me at Cahuilla MX track. We weren't sure we were going to make it because we barely got home and were adjusting and I was feeling a little under the weather. I felt like I needed to go so we loaded up the kiddos and headed out. Jaxyn said he was excited to go to the races again but said he liked going in the motor home a lot more. I couldn't have agreed more.

We had a great turn out and everyone was so generous at the auction. I am so thankful for everyone that showed up and for all the people who were bidding online. It was great to be back at the track again and especially at Cahuilla. I have so many great memories there and have spent endless hours of testing and training there. I guess it's a little bitter sweet. I can't even begin to thank Johnny and especially Tammy, enough. She is the amazing woman behind the foundation and has helped us out so much. I hope they know how much we love them and how grateful we are for them.

A great family photo at the benefit ride. I love this picture. My kids have grown so much while I have been gone.


There's was a lot of people present for the silent auction.
There was a ton of jerseys donated and Johnny won the best one for me!!!

At a benefit dinner/auction they held for me in Moapa a month earlier, my good friends Josh Taylor and Bobby McCormick donated a shot gun seat ride in their race truck for their next race. It was a great idea and raised a lot of money and the cool part was that my nephew Brodey won the ride! He was so excited. We were able to leave the ride day and make it in time to catch the first lap of the race. They ended up winning the race! It was a really cool deal. Brodey had a blast!

Being at home has been a lot harder than I thought it would be and very challenging. At Craig they keep you very busy and it's go go go. Then I get home and I find myself waiting for my exercise equipment surrounded by all the projects and things I used to do, and with all this time to just sit and think. Then it just all sets in. Wow this really is happening, now what do I do. I am so used to working hard all week and being able to have a positive release on the weekends. Now that is gone. I need a hobby quick! Thanks to my family and friends, they all help snap me out of it before I get too low.

I needed some serious vitamin D. Helping Gavyn do some bike maintenance
Finally I get some exercise equipment. Through the foundation we were able to purchase all the equipment that I used at Craig. It is just taking FOREVER to get here. I was so excited I can finally start doing something to get back into shape.
Jaxyn and me getting some track grooming done. It was real emotional for me to be at my track where i have put in thousands of laps and so much blood sweat and tears. I hope I can continue to use it for good and maybe even put on some riding classes. Thanks to my dad for helping build me a slide board to get in to the Rowley contracting skid steer. Now all I need is to make some hand controls for Johnny's loader and I will be set. ;)
Mark Holz of Holz Racing Products is putting together some hand controls for me but I haven't got them yet. I couldn't wait any longer so I figured I would do it the ol Moapa way until they arrive. I just grabbed the broom stick handle and I'm good to go. It actually worked quite well, you just can't reach the brake pedal very quick but Jaxyn didn't mind. Can-am does not encourage this kind of behavior in any way and it will void your warranty, discretion is advised. ;) On a serious note, the great people of Can-am donated one of these bad ass machines, the Maverick 1000Xrs, to the foundation. You can buy raffle tickets @ joshfrederckfoundation.org till October. Good luck!!!
I got a surprise visit from Rick and Donna Ellsworth this week. They were able to compete in the 12 hours de La Tuque race in Canada this past month. I was blessed to not only race, but win it the last 2 years I was bummed not to be able to race it this year. It is such a cool event and I love the people there. My picture was used on the race flyers that they hung all over the town and Donna and Rick along with a bunch more people were able to not only get it for me but to get everybody to sign it. I love it! :')


I think about my team from Craig everyday and I try not to let them down. I am so glad to be home around family and friends. I am so thankful for the town I live in and I love to see people around wearing my bracelet or shirt. I am excited about getting back around racing again. And I wish the rest of my exercise equipment would show up already. That's all for now I hope in the future I will have a ton of great stuff to share. Josh


Always give a 100% and you will never have to second guess yourself.


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  1. Josh I love reading your blog. You are such an inspiration to all of us.. Hope the rest of your exercise equipment gets there soon.. Look forward to reading your next blog.. Take care.