Sunday, June 8, 2014

1 Year Later...

It's been 1 year since I have arrived home from Craig hospital and Tiff tells me I need to write something quick to tell everyone what I have been up to and I guess the last time I updated the blog was way back in November. It is so crazy how slow a year can go but how it can also fly by at the same time. A lot of this might seem repititious as you may have seen it before but it's all I got. Enjoy.


I really didn't feel like updating the blog, but after talking it over with my little therapist, we agreed it was time...


The end of the year last year I got to do a parade lap at the final rd. of the worcs series. It was a very cool deal for me and even though I really didn't want to do it at the time I'm really glad I did it now and I will always have that special day with me.
After The race at Primm we took the kids to the beach for a few days just to relax. The funny thing about this is Tiff was trying to help roll me down to the beach and a homeless man saw her struggling so he came and helped her wheel me all the way down there!
No this isn't Tiff with the homeless man. Just us soaking up the rays on the beach!
I was able to get some shooting in with the kids
Jax learned how to ride his big bike so now we try to take a walk around the block everyday. It isn't without its drama though. I'm sure the neighbors love to watch us go by. The Circus is in town!

I went on a boys fishing trip
And I got a little bowling in for Tiff's birthday
The Hansens put on a awesome event to benifet the foundation at their track in Cedar City. A big thank you to all involved. It turned out very nice and I know it was a ton of work. It was a lot of fun and I was even able to ride my quad again!
Gavyn got to get his first race under his belt. Jimmie O'Dell called him the "little animal" so for the next 2 months he walked around sayin Gavyn the lil animal Frederick! Lol.
The Coastal racing guys let me tag along and help pit for them. They are a great bunch of guys and I appreciate them letting me be involved. Even though I think they just use me for the handicapped parking.

Long time friend and sponsor Mark Holz @ Holz racing products got my hand controls done!! Like anything he builds, he went above and beyond. I was so excited I could finally get back out and start tearing up the desert and hopefully start racing again.
The maiden voyage!
...5 minutes later........ No Jaxyn was not in the car.
I have been working my dad pretty hard having him help me work on my car. I have probably fired him a half a dozen times and he has quit just as many! But I am thankful for his help even though we but heads ;)
My friend Codey talked me into racing the mesquite off-road weekend. It was a lot of fun but the Enduro cross was brutal on the car! I ended up breaking a steering rack during the first moto and couldn't get it fixed before the start of the 2nd moto. Codey ended up 2nd for the weekend but was the crowd favorite after he collided with another car on the last lap and set the guy tumbling into Cowboy Kenny Bartram's free style ramp bending it all up. Good times, good times. We probably won't get a invite back next year. Haha
I owned this hill in my track chair!!!
I was able to make my racing debut in Primm rd. 2 of WORCS in Feb. well before the 1 year mark that my doctor at Craig told me it would be. Take that Dr. Johansen! But I broke down so I didn't finish. :(
I also races the WORCS race at Sand Hollow. I took a different line for the pass but ended up getting T-boned and knocked over. Luckily there were some flaggers around to help lift me back up and get me on my way.
Surprisingly I finished, but with a severely bent A-arm!

Rj Anderson was kind enough to show me his new ride and give me a tour of his new shop. Until I get my crap together I am letting him borrow my lil buddy and old mechanic Gil but hopefully he read the fine print because when I get ready to go full bore again I'm taking him back. All kidding aside I'm so happy for Gilbert and I wish him all the best.
THROWING IT BACK...In 2008 I wore this David Bailey replica helmet all year on my way to my 2nd Worcs championship. Johnny brought me to his house to meet him and have him sign my helmet. I was always amazed at what he had accomplished in his life and looked up to him. We kept a relationship over the years I would call him when I was having mental struggles in racing and have him help me work thru them. It's funny because when I would be having a bad day at the track for what ever reason Johnny would say, " what would David Bailey do?" It's crazy how that rings even more true today. It has been nice to have him to bounce things off of because he has been thru it all and really knew exactly what I was struggling with when I got pretty low. He is my hero.

So obviously there was plenty to keep me busy this past year. The highlight was getting my maverick setup with hand controls and getting to go racing again. It has not all been sunshine and roses like I had envisioned it. I guess I thought I would just jump right back in the middle of it and be as competive as I was before? I'm sure things will get better with more seat time, and the more I get my car dialed in. It has been a struggle lately dealing with some things. I'm still dealing with some back pain but it is mostly mental struggles. In my mind I just want to get back at it. I want to go back to training and racing and everyday "normal" life. I guess it didn't actually set in until recently that things are not going to go back to the way they were before. I always had a little hope in the back of my mind that i can out work this thing and get things back.

When I look short term I am fine with the things that I am dealing with and the trials I have but when I look long term I shut down and make myself crazy. I have a hard time thinking about all the things that I loved to do and wanted to enjoy with my kids and now it is all different. No doubt I can still do them, it will just take a different way to do them. I'm sure I will look back on this blog some day and will say "wow, I was such a idiot" and I'm sure there is someone with a disability reading this is thinking the same thing.

I look back at the last year and am so thankful for the blessings that I have and the people who are around me in my everyday life. My friends and family who drop by and help me with whatever and who aren't afraid to tell me quit being a little sally and let's do this. My kids who are great and do more than I ask of them. Jaxyn still asks me weekly "dad when are you going to walk so we can get our motorhome back and you can go race"? I'm so greatful for the Leach family and the uplifting phone conversations I have with Johnny. He has this thing about him that every time I talk to him, it makes me feel upbeat and get back on track

The foundation is still going, the only hold up has been me and honestly I feel really guiltily that I have been caught up in the everyday activities and trying to get my own life figured out that I have put it to the back burner and it is hard to give it the attention that it needs. Tammy Leach has done a amazing job running it and I thank her for her hard work and patience. I do have a few candidates picked out, now we are just trying to figure out what is the best way the foundation can best help them. Hopefully the next time I write I will be able to tell you a bit of who and what we've done to help.


Well that's all I've got for now. Getting ready to start this hot summer off with a bang! I had a ton more pictures and people I would like to thank and I could go on and on but I think you have had enough.







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  1. I totally get the looking in the future with your kids and getting overwhelmed. But you have figured out what I have with my handicap, only it didn't take you as long as it did me! One day and one project at a time, and you will still get to do the things you wanted to do with your kids, it will just be in a different way like you said. Keep positive our thoughts are with you and your family. Rosemary and Aaron Freeman